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Anthony Boyle established AMRAM Enterprises after 23 years of commercial diving in both the offshore oil & gas industry and the heavy civil construction & inland diving industry. Boyle saw the opportunity to start AMRAM Enterprises after seeing a growing number of incidents where the diving contractors were operating unsafely, not performing quality work, and owners constantly being disappointed or overcharged. AMRAM is a diving and marine construction company who’s primary focus is SAFETY, QUALITY, and EXPEDITED SOLUTIONS. All of AMRAM's employees will adopt and exemplify this attitude.


As a graduate of Divers Institute of Technology in 1993, Boyle headed out to the Gulf of Mexico where he operated in water depths from the splash zone, down to 880 feet below the surface using methods of surface supplied air, mixed gas, and saturation diving. Boyle has had the ability to work Inland, the Gulf of Mexico, as well as other countries, such as West Africa. After 10 years of service he decided to move Inland to gain experience in the heavy civil construction and inland diving industry. He joined Pile Drivers Local 2375 in Southern California to help him achieve his goals as a well-rounded diver with experience in multiple construction facets, including high altitude diving at elevations of 10,000 feet, and Nitrox diving.  

Boyle moved from diving to supervising early in his career. Being pushed by employers to run projects at an early age, he attained the ability to think fast and solve complex problems on the fly. With 2 years of project management, he quickly decided to get back to his roots as a diver where he excelled in producing quality work, rapidly. AMRAM Enterprises delivers a “hands on” service approach to all our diving and marine services clients.


Boyle’s experience includes salvage using par-buckling, burning, rigging, lift bag use, welding, wire saw, pile cutters, and explosives, with projects that include salvage of Parker J-14 drill rig 4 leg, salvage of DLB Hanson, salvage of 3 downed helicopters,  body recovery, and salvage of the zombie barge that sunk at Navy Pier, Chicago. Boyle also has experience in pipeline services that include, but are not limited to, pipeline installation from HDP to large diameter steel pipe, burial with sleds, hand jetting, mud bug (self-propelled sled), riser installation and removal, P&A work (plug and abandon), hot taps on pipelines up to 24”, Installation of sub sea assemblies up to 24” with multiple tie ins, platforms, poured in place concrete structures, precast concrete installation, removal of said structures, core drilling, mag drilling, fabrication, and designing are also part of his skill set.


Anthony Boyle- Owner

Rodrigo Boyle- Owner of Amram ENTERPRISES, LLC
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